As with most grassroots sports teams and clubs, Academy Juniors is run by a talented team of volunteers. We are fortunate that each of our volunteers brings so much more than just the dedication of their time to the Club. They offer ideas, enthusiasm and teamwork, and they often prioritise their roles above family and work to ensure that the girls who turn up and train are engaged, challenged and made to feel valued. We always say that we are the home of girls football in Bolton, and that’s because our volunteers are more like family. Let’s meet them.

Jemma Entwistle (Chair Person)

Steven Watson (Committe Member)

Jo Watson (Committee Member)

Wayne Jenkins (U13s Manager)

Emily Norris (U10s Manager / Coach)

Gav Wells (U10s Assistant)

Joshua Alexander (U7s Manager / Coach)

Becky Earle (U7s Manager / Coach)

Between them, our wonderful team of volunteers cover all of the essential roles necessary in order to successfully run, develop and promote AJs as the home of girls football in Bolton. Trust us when we say that even after training has been wrapped up, and the match day results have been posted, each and every one of our team are still working hard behind the scenes to ensure that girls of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have the opportunity to enjoy football in a fun, safe and engaging environment.

As the saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Please remember that if we get things wrong, or you simply don’t agree with something, our girls are our priority, but without volunteers making decisions and carrying out actions, we have no Club in which to welcome them. Respect our volunteers.